Safety is a Priority in Civil Air Patrol; therefore, it is required that you take a safety test or participate in a safety class once a month. To take a test or see if you are safety current, go to eservices subsection safety management systems.

Safety Tests:

Take the “Elective Monthly Education Courses”¬†safety tests¬†first, for these are the easiest.

CAP Regulation 62-1 subsection A

  1. All active CAP members (seniors, cadets, cadet sponsors, 50 year and life members) must maintain monthly safety education briefing currency in order to participate in any CAP functions, with exception of meetings where members may attend for the purpose of completing the required safety education. The monthly requirement expires at the end of the month following its completion (e.g., a briefing attended or completed on 15 June will carry currency through to 31 July). Completion of required safety education will be documented in the National online safety education database so that currency can be reviewed through eServices.


CAP Safety Beacon

CAP National Safety Page