Squadron Information

Squadron History 1975-Present

The unit was reformed by Major John Johnson in November 1975. He was the first commander. The unit initially met at the County EOC in Leonardtown. Later they met at NAS Patuxent River. When the squadron was chartered in 1975 it was made up of members of the Waldorf and Foulouis squadrons. Robert Swanson allowed the squadron to use his own personal vehicle for transport to and from cadet activities. The vehicle was a Blue, 12 passenger van. The squadron did not receive an official vehicle until late 1993. The squadron’s first corporate vehicle was a 1993, 12 passenger, Dodge, van. They did not receive a new vehicle until December of 2003 when they received a 2003, Chevrolet, 15 passenger, van. In August of 2008 that vehicle was traded for a 2008 Ford, 11 passenger van, the exchange was made due to changing regulations in the Maryland wing.

St. Mary’s Composite Squadron received their first aircraft in 1982. It was a Cherokee 140 which was stored at Patuxent River Naval Air Station, it’s tail number was N5140G. Their next aircraft was a Cherokee 180, received in 1986; tail number N5118G. It was followed by a Cessna 172, in 1987 or ’88. It was traded in 1988 for another Cessna 172, N96851. Another Cessna 172 followed, in 1989, N9522L. The squadron currently operates a Cessna 182, N9476X.

Squadron Patch History
The St. Mary’s Composite Squadron Patch was first designed in late 1980’s. It was originally red and white to correspond to the red and white in the St. Mary’s Cross. More colors were added when technology improved and it was cheaper to embroider more colors. Three airplanes are on the patch, symbolizing the three main missions of CAP.

The Aircraft are rising out of the south depicting southern Maryland where the squadron was based. The patch depicts a typical day in the pattern at Patuxent River Naval Air Station where you have high flying, fast moving, airplanes and slow moving, low flying helicopters. The F-18 was picked because it was one of the most seen aircraft and because it was early in its flight test program. The OH-58 was picked because the Test Pilot school was flying them, for low airspeed work in and around the pattern. The words Patuxent River are seen on the patch because that is where the squadron met at the time. The orange color seen in various places throughout the patch symbolizes flight test, orange is used for flight test aircraft as well as flight test instrumentation. The gold is to symbolize the gold in Naval Aviator wings. St. Mary’s Composite Squadron is across the top of the patch showing the units name. On the left of the patch you can see the squadrons original charter number, 18027, used from 1953-1964 and on the right in the squadrons new charter number, 18089, used from 1975- now. The number 18 was the original identifier for Maryland Wing from 1956 onward, 18 corresponds to the 18 th wing, alphabetically, in CAP, at that time. The number 18 was later replaced by the letters MD because computers were more powerful and could recognize more characters, it also made wing designations less confusing. The squadron motto “The Right Stuff” came from Tom Wolf in the book and the movie by the same name and can be seen across the bottom of the patch in red and gold. Unfortunately, the movie did not recognize Patuxent River as much as Edwards Air Force Base. So the slogan was used to gain additional recognition for the testers at Naval Air Station Patuxent River and also to symbolize the excellence in the St. Mary’s Squadron. The Patch actually depicts a Cessna 182 even though the squadron’s aircraft was a Cessna 172 at the time.

Originally, when the patch was sent to the manufacturer, a mistake was made in the coloring of the patch. The patch that was returned to the squadron had a black border instead of a gold border and all of the red in the patch was replaced with orange. Orange and Black are very common colors among Pennsylvania ground teams called ranger teams, so the patch was quickly adopted as the ground team patch at St. Mary’s.

Squadron Commanders
Maj John Johnson Nov 1975 -?
Maj Ada Mitchell
Maj John Johnson
Capt Anthony Leroy Thomas 1981-82
Capt Robert Swanson 1982-84
Capt Arch Hudgins 1984-85
Capt Lawrence Trick June 1985- July 1986
2Lt Clayton Boyd July 1986 – June 87
Capt Charles Franscisco Aug 1987
Maj Lawrence Trick Sept 1987-88
2Lt James Bohannon 1988
Lt Col Lawrence Trick 1988-90
Capt Kenneth Studt Jan 1990-93
1Lt Vaclav Konecny 1993-96
Capt Jeff O’Hara 1996-1999
Lt Col Kenneth Gigliotti 1999-Jun 2004
Lt Col James McGrath Jun 2004-Aug 2004
Col Lawrence Trick Sept 2004-Mar 2005
Capt Donny Cone Mar 2005-May 2006
Capt Allen Douglas May 2006-June 2007
Lt Col Tim Corrigan (June 2007- November 2008)
1st Lt David Webster Nov 2008 – 2011
Maj John Harris 2011 – June 2012
Col Lawrence Trick June 2012 – June 2015
Lt Col Thomas McKean June 2015 – Jan 2017
Lt Col Lawrence McGovern Jan 2017 – Present

Cadet Commanders
C/2Lt Danny Young 1982
C/2Lt Jill Brobst 1982
C/Lt Col Lori Swanson 1982-83
C/Lt Col Bill Bassett 1983-1984
C/Col Kevin Cooley 1984-1985
C/Lt Col Christopher Crager 1985-1986
C/Lt Col Cris Horton
C/Lt Col Mike Colina
C/2Lt Judd Young
C/Col Tammy Blevins
C/2Lt Matt Adams
C/Maj Carl Bevard
C/2Lt Michelle Mattingly
C/Capt Danny Meidzinski (sp?)
C/Capt Haley Blevins
C/Capt Diane Mattingly Feb. 2004-Feb. 2005
C/Capt David Benes Feb. 2005-Feb. 2006
C/2d Lt Justin Bowers Feb. 2006-Aug. 2006
C/1stLt Matthew Herten (Aug. 2006-Aug. 2007
C/Capt Daniel Brand Aug. 2007-Feb. 2008
C/Lt Col David Trick Feb. 2008-Aug. 2008
C/Maj Victor Traven (Aug. 2008-Feb. 2009)
C/2d Lt Stephen Gast Feb. 2009-Aug. 2009
C/2nd Lt Peter Webster Aug. 2009-Feb. 2010
C/Col Eashan Samak Feb. 2010-Aug. 2010
C/2nd Lt Michael Richardson Aug. 2010-Feb. 2011
C/Col Robert Lewis Feb. 2011-Aug. 2011
C/Lt Col Christen McCall Aug. 2011-
C/1st Lt Austin Dillow Aug. 2013-Aug. 2014
C/2d Lt Joshua Borelli Sept. 2014-Mar. 2015
C/1st Lt Matthew Gemmel Mar. 2015-Sept. 2015
C/Maj Robert Artiga Sept. 2015-Mar.2016
C/Capt Micah Yeh Mar.2016-Nov.2016
C/2Lt Abigal Wood Nov.2016-Present

History recorded by:
Major David Trick
Colonel Lawrence Trick
C/CMSgt Andrew Rioux
St. Mary’s Composite Squadron, CAP