Meeting 9/6/2017

Tonight, cadets were able to enjoy themselves in several bearing tests. Bearing tests are tests where cadets are told to stand at attention, not breaking their bearing. Cadet staff joined in being tested, and cadets were given the opportunity to ‘break’ the cadet staffs’ bearing.

Senior Member Morgan gave a class tonight on various attack aircraft, describing various differences such as how American warplanes during WWII were more defensive versus Japanese planes being more offensively oriented.

Congratulations to the following cadets for being promoted to the following ranks:

  • C/A1C Ryan Bryant to C/SrA
  • C/A1C Joseph Krall to C/SrA
  • C/TSgt Logan McCormick to C/MSgt
  • C/CMSgt Michael Krall to C/CMSgt

Also, congratulations to the following cadets for participating in the National Rifle Association marksman shooting events, and passing to receive the badge:

  • C/CMSgt John Hardman
  • C/TSgt Matthew Hayden
  • C/TSgt Michael Hayden
  • C/TSgt Aidan Hoerl
  • C/CMSgt Michael Krall
  • C/SrA Joseph Krall
  • C/CMSgt Samuel Morgan
  • C/2d Lt Michael Petschk
  • C/Amn Ivy Somers

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