Tonight, the meeting started out with C/2ndLt Rioux receiving the Billy Mitchell Award. The first milestone of the Cadet Program is the General Billy Mitchell Award, which is earned after the completion of the first eight achievements of the cadet program. Only 15% of Civil Air Patrol cadets will obtain the General Billy Mitchell Award, so you must understand how significant of an achievement this is.
Later, cadets were divided into two flights and were given proper drill examinations. The flights went head to head in a game of CAP jeopardy, with Bravo flight winning overall.
In closing formation, Cadet Trelles was promoted to C/SrA. C/CMSgt Schnitker, C/2dLt Petschk, C/2dLt Rioux, C/A1C Gass, C/1stLt Wood, and C/2dLt Marshall were awarded with a Certificate for participating in UAS STEM.

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