Meeting 5/17/17

Col. Trick gave a class on Character Development, expanding upon jobs and potential avenues of life once one graduates college. The class went very well, and cadets were able to learn a lot. Cadets were able to voice their opinions on the subject at hand, and split into groups for further discussion.

There were 2 cadets whose birthdays were today, allowing for celebrations and cake. Happy birthday to C/SSgt Hoerl and C/TSgt Plunk

Congratulations to the following cadets for being promoted

  • C/SSgt Hayden to C/TSgt
  • C/SMSgt Krall to C/CMSgt
  • C/TSgt Schnitker to C/MSgt
  • C/Sra Bauldaff to C/SSgt
  • C/A1c Garciduenas to C/Sra

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