UAS Team Meeting 3/27/17

Yesterday the UAS team was able to practice at Greenwell State Park, where they went over the goals of this years teams and where they practiced flying a few times. They discussed what was wrong with what they had and how they could improve it, to include adding to their pre-flight checklist and organizing themselves better than last year.

This year, our squadrons UAS team consists of:

  • C/A1C Samuel Baldauff
  • C/A1C Isaac Baldauff
  • C/2dLt Michael Petschk
  • C/TSgt Logan McCormick
  • C/CMSgt Gabriel Heisey
  • C/CMSgt Andrew Rioux
  • C/CMSgt Nicholas Schnitker
  • C/A1C Jack Garciduenas
  • C/2dLt Mark Marshall
  • C/SMSgt Michael Krall

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