Meeting 3/8/17

Tonight, cadets were able to receive a demonstration of a Calvert K-9 unit. They demonstrated two kinds of dogs, a Bark-and-stay dog and a Sit-and-stay dog. Saber, a sit-and-stay dog, did his job by running to a lost person and running back to his handler to let him/her know that he has found someone. He would sit to let her know he’s found someone, and when released would run towards the lost person, guiding his handler. Bennie, a bark-and-stay dog, stayed with the lost person and barked loudly and repeatedly, to signal his handler. These dogs were able to learn as they did by having a strong play drive, learning that if they found someone they could play and have fun with their toys.

Cadets were also given a briefing on O.R.M., or Operational Risk Management. ORM is a method to assess the situation and to take in your goals and to calculate risks and figure out whether or not to do their task.

Congratulations to the following cadets for receiving their promotions:

  • C/SSgt Vallejo to C/TSGt

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