Meeting 3/1/17

This evening cadets were prepped for their their first assessment on their OIs. They were quizzed on drill, aerospace education, leadership, etc. After the inspection cadets were given a routine uniform inspection.

Later, they had the opportunity to listen to a talk by Alumni Cadet Mr. Sam Morgan. He talked to cadets about what it is like to be a mechanic for one of the only three privately owned Harriers in the U.S.A. He told a couple stories about life as a mechanic, including the strangest thing he has ever found in a jet engine; half of a lizard.

Tonight, we also appraised the work of the CyberPatriot team, having achieved second place in the state in the highest tier (Platinum)!

Congratulations to the following cadets for receiving their promotions

  • C/SrA Gemmel to C/SSgt
  • C/SrA Plunk to C/SSgt
  • C/AB Krall to C/Amn
  • C/SrA Michael Hayden to C/SSgt

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