Unit Alert

All Emergency Services members available for tasking between June 29 and July 8 call Capt Langford for Ground and Capt. Villar for Air. Real World – Not an Exercise. Check email for more details.  UPDATE: 03 July – All Units Stand Down Effective Immediately

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UAS Preparation

Cadets building the airframe their “Quadzilla”, which will compete in the annual UAS competition later this month!

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Wreaths Across America

Thank you to all the cadets who participated in Wreaths Across America this past weekend. You all did a very fine job and you certainly represented our Squadron and Civil Air Patrol well!

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Encampment Prep Info

For all of those who have registered for Encampment, Congratulations! You are about to experience one of the most fun and rewarding experiences of your CAP career. I wanted to make sure that everyone knows what to bring, and where to go. The best thing to do, is to take a look at the Encampment Guide. We will be taking a van from the airport, up to Encampment on July 4th at 0800. Sign up here.

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Model Rocketry

As you may already know, St. Mary’s Composite Squadron is starting up our summer model rocketry program. This program consists of 3 stages. Each stage consists of a squadron taught lesson in rocket history, law, or aerodynamics, and a rocket building phase. In the first stage, cadets must build two non-solid fuel rockets. In the second stage, cadets must build one single stage rocket, and a single stage historically accurate model. In the final stage, the cadets will elect to build build a two stage rocket, a payload carrying rocket, or a rocket with a glider attachment that can land safely after launch.

The rockets that the cadets received last week count toward one of the two rockets for stage 2. Over the next couple months, we will be going over the lessons and building the rockets for all stages during the meetings. After each lesson, you can take the corresponding test here. We will also be having weekend launches, where cadets can safely test out their designs. The entire St. Mary’s staff is excited to help every cadet to earn their model rocketry badge by the end of the summer, so let us know if you have any questions. Model Rocketry Guide


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So You Have a Rocket, Now What?

If you were not at last night’s meeting, then you might not know that you are entitled to one Estes Rocket! Everyone present last night received one rocket to take home and build.

So why are we doing this? As you know, one of CAP’s main missions is aerospace education, so CAP has developed a model rocketry program to teach cadets about the history and science of space exploration. More information will be posted tomorrow about the specifics of the model rocketry program and how to earn the rocketry badge to be worn on the dress blues uniform.

To all who currently have a rocket. Please build it as per the instructions, and bring it to next week’s meeting. Also, take a picture of you and your rocket and email to me at austinmdillow@gmail.com or post it to our Facebook page. Try not to lose your rocket, because it counts for a significant portion of your model rocketry progression, but if we have a picture then we have a record. Happy building!

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Note for Parents

We are now requiring activity release forms for all out-of-meeting activities. These need to be signed by you, the parent, and be given to the senior member in charge at the start of the activity. The bottom of the release form contains important information about the activity for you. Each release form, which are specific to each activity, will be underneath/next to the signup sheets that we have posted at the end of each meeting. See this example form 32.

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Meeting 5/20

The focus of this week’s meeting will be character development. The uniform will be BDU’s.

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Communications Exercise and CPR Class

IMG_0648IMG_0645On Saturday May 16 Saint Mary’s Squadron assisted in support with the Constant Watch communications exercise. Four senior members and five cadets participated by setting up the MICP (Mobile Incident Command Post) and establishing HF and VHF communications links. Cadets were trained in the setup and teardown of the MICP as well as the VHF and HF antennas. Cadets and seniors trained and honed their skills on MRO and ICUT tasks and several radio messages were passed to various stations throughout the state. The squadron received a surprise visit from a Brownie Troop that had come to the airport for a tour of other facilities. The Troop and accompanying parents were given a tour of the communications setup and were able to see our cadets in action.

After the exercise wrapped up, several cadets and seniors stayed for an AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR Class. During this class four senior members, four cadets, and two family members learned the skills necessary to save a life in a cardiac emergency. All the attendees were trained in scene safety, bloodborne pathogens, patient assessment, pulse and breathing checks, compressions and ventilations for adults, children and infants. The participants trained on lifelike Prestan manikins and also practiced on the use of an AED (Automated External Defribrilator). Each of these members and family members will receive a two year certification card, but most of all they now have the confidence to act and save a life in an emergency.

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Encampment Applications are Open

Tri-Wing Encampment Applications are now open for cadets! Sign up now before space runs out. More information about encampment can be found HERE


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