Cyber Patriot States

With the Platinum States round over, the Cyber Patriot Team is waiting for the results to see if they move on to the semi-finals! Congratulations Team!

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New MER Legal Officer

Congratulations to former St Mary’s Squadron Commander Lt Col Tim Corrigan who has been named the Middle East Region Legal Officer.

“Lt Col Corrigan served as a CAP legal officer since 2006, including a tour as the Maryland Wing JA for three years.  He is a retired US Army JAG as well as a former US Navy surface warfare officer.  He is a private pilot and was awarded the CAP Gil Rob Wilson Award in 2009.  He is a graduate of the national legal officers college, national staff college and region staff college.   He is licensed to practice law before the United States Supreme Court, Supreme Courts of Arkansas and Missouri, Courts of Appeals of Maryland and the District of Columbia, Supreme Court of Louisiana (In-house Counsel) and the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces.

He has significant executive level experience with over thirty-five (35) years combined attorney and operational leadership as the corporate Chief Legal Officer, in civilian general law practice, with the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps and as a U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Officer.  He has extensive understanding of the federal major systems acquisition processes.  A strong background with over sixteen (16) years Federal procurement (FAR/DFAR/HSAR) and fiscal law, suspension and debarment, export controls and specialized/classified programs with the federal government.

His current position supports the Bollinger Shipyards executive leadership in the execution of a multi-billion dollar Federal contract and the pursuit of two additional multi-billion dollar contracts.  Prior to this he served as an advisor to the Department of Homeland Security Under Secretary for Management on all major systems acquisitions in excess of three hundred million dollars in Life-cycle Cost Estimates, as well as advising the Department Suspension and Debarment Official.

Lt Col Corrigan has extensive executive level and litigation experience in human resources law in both the private and public sectors with over fifteen (15) years of experience and a comprehensive background in ethics and compliance.” – Col. Knowles

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Cyber Patriot Round 2 Complete!

Well that last round came down to the wire! Never before has the team wanted a computer to download AVG so badly as they all did with only two minutes left out of the six hour competition window. Lt. Borelli, Lt. Dillow, Amn Rioux, and Ssgt Huh, under the watchful eye of their coach Lt. Slankard, managed to snag 186/300 points out of an Ubuntu, Windows Vista, And Windows 8 systems! If my slide ruler is properly calibrated, then that puts the Cyber Patriot team in the top 23rd percentile! Now the scores are still coming in from other teams and must be reviewed by Cyber Patriot, but as long as the team stays in the top 30%, then MD-089 will be moving on to the Platinum State Round!

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Early Days of Civil Air Patrol

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Thanks to all of the cadets who came out to the Veteran’s Day Parade! What a great way to honor those who have served our country.

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Round 1 Results

Congratulations are in order for the Cyber Patriot team. The scores are in, and they scored in the top 10% in the All Service Division! Round 2 here we come!

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Part of Amelie Eahart’s Plane Discovered?

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Promotion to Captain

Congratulations to former C/Col Robert Lewis on his promotion to Capt.

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Lt. Herten

Congratulations to former C/Maj  Matt Herten on completion of Air Force pilot training.
Lt Herten will stay on as an instructor at Columbus, AFB MS.
He is a former Tri Wing Encampment Cadet Commander, former Cadet Commander of the St Mary’s Composite Squadron and former MDWG Cadet of the Year.

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ES Mission and Training

Thank you to all that attended the SAREX at Jug Bay.
Thanks to all the turned out for the mission at Frederick. This is why we train, to help the community in times of need.

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